Time at and around Oxford University

The Oxford Update:

David (middle) and friends from Oxford

One of the impressive facilities at Oxford

Oxford University Report: David and Calvin are doing great and learning a lot. They have Oxford professors teaching them just about all day. They go through a full day of studies and then an evening lecture that concludes at 8 PM. They had to do 15-minute presentations today in their respective specialties and have a big test on Friday plus a “mock” interview with Oxford admissions people later during the week as well.

David and Calvin are in good spirits and thankful for your prayers and support!

More updates to come…

LAWS Conference - Geneva, Switzerland

Our Trip to Geneva, Switzerland:

David (left) and Calvin (right) pictured with Ambassador Gill

Delegates in attendance at the LAWS Conference

Delegates in attendance at the LAWS Conference

Geneva Trip: David and Calvin are now in Geneva at the LAWS Conference (that’s what I call it); Officially it’s called: Group of Government Experts of the High Contracting Parties to the CCW on Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems, 2nd session – Yes really, that’s what it’s called. David and Calvin are pictured above with Ambassador Gill, the UN primary that is over the conference. This conference is dealing with the specialty David wants to go into after he gets his law degree. David said in the other pictures “The US was talking about Ocean Mine Sweeping Technology” and that China said, “there should be no fully autonomous systems….” So they are getting a real-world experience indeed.

More updates to come…